Welcome to Culinary CreaShunz, specializing in hot sauce, salsa, and dried peppers.  

The signature product is Shunzi Sauce, a tasty hot sauce teeming with garlic flavor that won't overpower your food.  Other items include Shunzi Shakes and Shunzi Grinder; both incorporating dried versions of the same pepper used in the sauce.


 Alice West Pequin peppers: a family tradition for over four generations, and still hot. 

The Alice West pepper is actually a Pequin type pepper.  Pequin peppers are very hot, often 7-8 times hotter than jalapeños on the Scoville scale (30,000-60,000 units).  Dried versions are even hotter (up to 140,000 units).  Flavor is described as citrusy, smoky, and nutty.  In Mexico, the heat of the Pequin is called arrebatado ("rapid" or "violent"), which implies that although the heat is great, it diminishes quickly.  The Pequin pepper is essentially the domesticated version of the Chiltepin pepper.  The Chiltepin, called the "mother of all peppers," is thought to be the oldest known of the Capsicum genus, as well as the hottest wild variety in the Americas even hotter than the habanero.

What is Shunzi?

The origin of Shunzi is a closely and fiercely guarded secret.  The spirit of Shunzi however is largely evident in the photos.  From the range of infantile pepper plants to the heights of a Colorado 14er, it is evident that Shunzi embodies the full range of life.  Freedom loving as Paul Revere in Boston, tranquil as a fall morning in the Smoky Mountains, as raucous as shooting Class IV rapids on the Ocoee, or as passive as a high mountain glacial lake, Shunzi has many moods.  Shunzi is rooted in things larger than life; things like Hoover Dam, the Gulf Coast, and the United States Marine Corps.  Shunzi is even found beyond the pinings of the fabulous Brakebill Boys; Marshall and Merritt.  So whatever your passion in life is, make it true and spice it up with Shunzi. While Shunzi has expeditious desires, the root of Shunzi's existence has been and will continue to be Alice West.